Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Olympics: Women's Slopestype Skiing

Listen up, Kids. This is important: You shouldn't irritate your teachers in February. Sadly, it's impossible not to irritate your teachers in February. Teachers are irritated in February. I was sure this was a documented fact, but a cursory internet search yields nothing definitive. Still, I'm pretty sure it's documented.

In fact, Robin says we can pinpoint the misery to the week including February 15th. This very week. She says October 15th is similarly miserable, but I don't think that's similarly (un)doucmented. If you can't understand that last sentence, then I'm crabby with you.


LH said...

The phenomenon has now been documented. And documented well, imho.

mm said...

This is awesome advice! Kids should know this, and many adults too.