Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mary!

It's my little sister's birthday. She's just a tiny little baby, really. With a really cute haircut. If I had a pic, I would post it. She cut off a million inches, and she says the most common response to her new style is, "It looks so mature." She thinks that means, "You look old," but I disagree with both this translation and the implied assessment. I think she looks hip and now.

Of course, I'm not hip and now, so there's a danger in taking stock in my opinion.

Anyway, tonight we're headed out to a fancy fundraiser for my school, which is also the kids' school. The posters say "Your kids. Your school. Your night." This is not the kind of thing we like to go to, probably because of the less-than-hip-and-now issue. Still, it's what we're doing, we're going to enjoy ourselves and our overpriced drinks.



LH said...

I love short hair.

Also, what about a silent auction? Did they have one? I like those a lot.

LH said...

Do you ever make vine videos?