Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's My Birthday, Too

It is, in fact, my birthday. 36. It'll probably be a good year. I mean, why not? I'm an optimist. It's unlikely that I'll contract another disfiguring facial infection this year. So, we're off to a good start.

An especially auspicious sign for a good year was that I greeted Lindsey Vonn this morning in Lionshead Village in Vail. You know Lindsey, right? Olympic champion ski racer?

We shared hellos and the kids enjoyed glimpsing her. She seemed cool. I didn't ask her about her questionable choice to become involved with Tiger Woods, but she did seem happy. Also she was perfectly made-up and wearing space-age boots.

Lindsey Vonn sighting and interaction. Good start, 36! Good start.


mm said...

.... but you wanted to ask... right?!

LH said...

I'm assuming Tiger wasn't around???

Happy Birthday, Pallie! 36 is a great year. 2 squared x 3 squared. A pleasant factorization.