Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I'm So Not Kidding

You probably thought I was exaggerating about the hideousness of my face. I totally wasn't.

You see what I'm dealing with here, and it's extreme hideousness. 

I am feeling better however, and even though I'll likely still be ugly tomorrow, I'm headed to the MIA to see a fabulous Matisse exhibit. Matisse won't mind my deformity because he's dead.

Also saw some beauty on Sunday. Psaligraphy by Karen Bit Vejle. She makes the most lovely pieces by cutting and sometimes folding and cutting paper. Here's a sample: 


LH said...

Fellow Readers... KC is getting some medical attention at a local hospital. Don't worry. I'm on the case.

mm said...

OMG... It looks painful. Take care!!

Anonymous said...

KC! I love your dry sense of humor. Hope you feel better soon and the swelling goes down! Please take care. Thinking about you. H