Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thank You for Your Childhood

My sixth graders are reading The Giver as part of our Human Rights unit. I love The Giver a lot, and I keep telling Shef, "Shef, this book is soooo good."

And he says, "I'm not going to read it."

How contrary!

In the meantime, we're reading Timmy Failure. I think that book is kind of stupid, but I'm respecting his choice, as one should.


Anonymous said...

This makes me think of your grandmother Quigley. When we kids would ask her to express her opion about something, she would say with a smile, " I will tell you what I think, but then I know you will go your own stupid way." I never took offense and she was right, I usually went my own stupid way, just like Shef! Love, mom

LH said...

I have vague memories of trying to get #1 Son to read The Giver. It should be required reading for every living human being. I used to read it with 5'ers, but then the junior high people asked everyone if we could not read it anymore because they built a big unit around it. We all agreed, but that did tick me off, not going to lie.

kc said...

The Giver movie is coming out! I'm so excited. Next summer, I think.