Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Live For the Applause-Plause

On Sunday night, we were just talking about how the kids never get sick anymore. Then, the school nurse called on Monday about Mac.


Dan picked him up. On Tuesday, I thought he seemed better, so I took him to school. 10 o'clock rolls around, and he's back in the office with a low-grade fever. Dan took him for the strep test, and the rapid was negative.

Today he seemed fine again, but there's no way I can be the mom of the kid who gets sent home from school THREE DAYS IN A ROW. So Dan and I split the day. Sure enough, overnight strep was positive.

Chances that one kid gets strep and the other is spared? Very, very low. So, stopped by the doctor's on the way home from school to get Shef swabbed.

Rapid was negative.

Bets on tomorrow? This is probably my fault for saying they never get sick.

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LH said...

Ugh. Strep rears its ugly head. I hope Shef escapes its wrath.