Tuesday, June 24, 2014

EQ19: Psoriasis < Some Other Chronic Conditions

I think this is equation represents an unequivocal truth.  Psoriasis, while annoying and ugly, is definitely better and less troublesome and scary that some other chronic conditions.  For instance, Cancer.

Still, I hate my psoriasis.

Did I say before that my doctor says I don't need the lights anymore?  I can just go outside in the sun?  But, it's hard to find times to just recline outside in a bikini.  I did it today, though. I tried to do my meditation at the same time.  I tried to just note the problems I was having with it, per Andy's  suggestion.

That's heat, I noted.

That's a fly landing on my leg, I noted.

That's discomfort, I noted.

This is nudity in the backyard, I noted.

Still, I did the whole 20 minutes.  I'm itchy all over and I'm hoping some of my lesions will burn off.

Damn psoriasis.


mm said...

Is there a way to relax and read in the sun to make it tolerable?

LH said...

I think we need to take a trip to the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea could help.
And here are a few other destinations for psoriasis spa treatments. France could be good....

KC said...

Maybe Lotus will kill the psoriasis??

LH said...

I'm sure it will!