Sunday, June 1, 2014

EQ5: Honesty = Best Policy

Yesterday, my friend Melanie mentioned in passing that a handyperson would be doing some work on her bathroom.

"Oh!" I said.  "Can I get his contact information?  I have some projects I need help with."

"Well," Melanie said, frowning, "you caaannn...."

"Is he, like, really expensive?" I asked.

"It's not that," she said, still frowning.  "It's that he's really...."

"Yes?" I prompted.

Her eyes narrowed a bit.  The suspense was killing me. 

"He's really... gruff.  And brusque.  And, he's actually really pushy.  And I just don't feel comfortable being around him."

"Okay!" I said, laughing.  "That's quite a recommendation!"

"So, you can have his number.  He is really good!"

"That's okay!" I said.  "I think I'll go in another direction."


LH said...

This info is good to know. I've gotten stuck in relationships with some odd handiworkers so I get how this could happen to your pal. Glad you're breaking the cycle.

mm said...

I appreciate that she was truthful. Honesty is the best policy.

jdoc said...

Does he work quickly, though? We love our handyman, but it took 6 months to change the diverter in our shower.