Tuesday, June 3, 2014

EQ6: 64C=Ex2

64 Comments = Exhausted times 2

I finished my narrative comments.  I actually had fewer to write this year because of my team teaching gig with intrepid partner, KK.  15 fewer.  But, still the effort exhausted me.  When I finished in my classroom at about 2:30, I jumped all over the room doing a little dance while singing, "BOOM! Shakalakalaka! BOOM! Shakalakalaka!"

I was flying super high until I got home, realized I could no longer stand, fed Mac chips and cheese for dinner, and collapsed on the couch for an hour while he watched sub-par television.

Now it's just graduation, a retirement party, two four-hour staff meetings, and a mandatory picnic.

And then, #summerfun.


mm said...

soooo.... Are you done on Friday or before?

LH said...

That still sounds like a lot, but the narratives are the hardest I think. I remember wanting to throw a party after writing those. So glad you're done with them. They mean a lot to the kids and the families, so KUDOS!

KC said...

Done on Friday. And then starting work again on the 15th to work on the laptop roll-out, but that'll be different and fun.

jhw said...

Almost done!