Tuesday, June 17, 2014

FitBit = New Obsession

I got a Fit Bit through a work challenge.  I get to have the Fit Bit for free if I average 8000 steps/day for a given time period.  That's going to be no problem, FYI.

I am loving the Fit Bit.  It looks like this:

I connected it an app on my phone that tracks every flipping thing.  I got it at noon today, and I've probably looked at the app 10 times.  I can't see this getting better.  I'm probably going to be obsessed with the Fit Bit and the Fit Bit app. 

Expect regular Fit Bit updates. At least it's better than talking about my psoriasis.


mm said...

BTW- Is the psoriasis cleared up?

LH said...

I want a fit bit, but I can't quite pull the trigger. It would be a drag to have the fit bit and track my lack of progress every day. Still. It looks really cool and I should probably just get one. Right?