Sunday, June 8, 2014

EQ8: A +/- Cr = S

I do love change, but sometimes the shift from School to Unstructured Time causes some disequilibrium.  To put it simply, Adjustment plus-or-minus Crankiness equals Summer.

This year, I'm trying to combat the potential unpleasantness with gobs of sleep.  Yesterday, I stayed in bed until 10.  Today, I stayed there until 9.  So far, this plan has yielded pleasant results.  I emerge ready to make decisions in a timely and reasonable way.

Today, I've decided to force my family to do yard work with me.  After some Adjustment and Crankiness, I'm sure the results will be Sublime.


LH said...

More sleep = Always a GREAT idea.

Forced Yardwork = Unpleasant, but Essential sometimes, maybe.

mm said...

How did the yard work go?

jhw said...

Your flowers look great!

jdoc said...

Sleeping until 10 sounds amazing. Looking forward to that someday.