Monday, September 14, 2015

He's Magnetic

A couple of weeks ago, Lee told us about the Bronies.  I personally became sort of obsessed with them in that I really wanted to watch A Brony Tale, a documentary about the Brony lifestyle on Netflix.

Rachel seemed like the perfect Brony-watching partner.  She hadn't yet heard of Bronies, but was absolutely willing to learn about this eclectic group of dudes via the television and internet.

"Do you like My Little Pony?" I asked, as we sweat-panted on the couch.

"Yeah," she said.  "I was into them.  But, we bought them at thrift stores, so some had, like, marker on them."

The important thing here was not the marker, but that she was familiar with the joy My Little Pony can bring someone.

The new ponies, the Friendship is Magic ponies, have more of an anime look to them, as we discovered.  And the bros are committed to the lessons of teamwork and love that the show spreads.

They're also into a phrase that goes, "20% Cooler," as in, "Is this cool enough?" The answer might be, "Meh, it needs to be 20% cooler."

You can get a t-shirt with that phrase, and I'm probably going to.

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mm said...

For me, 20% cool is more than enough.