Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Orientation

We're in the point of sixth grade where there are a lot of questions.

"How do I get to PE again?"

"Can I bring my snack in here?"

"Should I bring my planner to choir?"

"Can I get a drink?"

"Will you be the faculty sponsor for shark club?"

These are common examples.  There are also problems.  Problems like,

"I brought the wrong books."

"I accidentally put my lock on Elizabeth's locker."

"I can't find the computer lab."

"I don't know the names of any authors."

Finally, it's also an era of corrections.  Teaching these little sixers how to be effective members of the Middle School community.  Corrections include:

"Sign out on the pass log."

"Stay focused on your discussion topic."


"We generally don't comment on each other's bodily functions in class."

1 comment:

mm said...

I HATE when students put their stuff in a friend's locker...
What is shark club? I"ll come over and sponsor. How could it go wrong?