Monday, September 7, 2015

Punch You in the Face

I'm not planning on punching anyone, but I just want to mention that Mac weeps every time I ask him to practice his violin, and it's incredibly unpleasant.

"Why are you making him play the violin?" my brother asked me today.

"I don't know if I'm doing the right thing," I said.

"Is it just so he'll follow through on something?"  he continued.

The truth is, that's a big part of it.  The other part is that he's really good!  I don't feel like he can make an informed decision about quitting at this point.  Instead, I said he could also take drum lessons, which start tomorrow, in addition to honing the violin skills.

"Remember," I consoled Mac, as he was still crying while taking a bath following the practice.  "Drums starts tomorrow!"

"I'll quit both," he said, lip quivering.  He'd rather not rock than rock and also play classical violin.

Oh, help.


Melanie said...

Reese went through exactly the same thing. I thought about letting her quit because the tears were too much for me to handle. Her violin teacher encouraged us to keep pressing forward, instituting some prizes for practicing, and also helping her realize perfection isn't a goal (she was feeling frustrated by mistakes). We pushed through and got over the hump and I don't think she's cried for at least a year. I hope that helps! If you want to talk to her about it I'm sure she'd be glad to tell you what helped her.

Martha Pettee said...

I let your brother quit piano, violin and baseball!

Martha Pettee said...

Not saying you should though. Just sayin' I couldn't take the heat.