Friday, September 11, 2015

Status Report

Back to School Night: I'm not tryna brag, but it was one of my best performances yet.  Favorite moment: I'm teaching the son of our pals Joe and Jill.  Joe and Jill approached my classroom and laughed their heads off at my conservative and polished English-teacher outfit.  Just because you hang out with people late into the night in your jeans and t-shirt, they think you can't bring it for Parent Night?! Jill actually POINTED and laughed.  "Get in there," I said, rolling my eyes and gesturing to the door.  "And no questions from either of you.  Only smiling and nodding." They mostly acquiesced.

Noveling: Hey!  I wrote some words this week, and I'm planning on writing a few more!

Coffee: There can never be enough.  The supply of coffee needs to be infinite today.  It'd be better if it were good coffee, but I'll take whatever's in the work pot.  That's the situation.

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LH said...

Yay on B2SN. Yay on Novel. YES I AGREE to the Coffee. I'm drinking a latte as we blog.