Sunday, March 6, 2016

Professional Birthday Party Critic

We attended a surprise 50th birthday party last night.  The spouse of the birthday honoree thoroughly planned in advance and chose a venue conveniently located in our neighborhood.  Each invited couple prepared a set of six trivia questions - two sports-related, two music-related, and two to do with history and/or politics.  The quiz bowl provided an element of competition to ground the event.  The sharing of conjectured answers lent humor, and Dan established and repeated several one-liners throughout the game.

How did we do?  There's no way to sugar-coat it: We tanked the trivia, which leads me to the one flaw of the evening.  While the Mexican fare was flavorful and satisfying, the pilsner crisp and slightly effervescent, the company comfortable and warm - the trivia questions were just simply too obscure. There's no way I would know who hit a go-ahead home-run in the 1986 American League championships AND the name of the pitcher off of whom it was hit.  That's ridiculous.


mm said...

I'm sorry. It's obvious that the trivia wasn't fair.

jhw said...

Uncle Bob could have answered that.