Thursday, March 3, 2016

Professional Hockey Play-off Critic

The stakes are high in the District 3 Peewee C hockey district championships.  Tonight the #9 seed Minneapolis Orange team faces off against the #4 seed Minneapolis Black team.  Before you count out the Oranges, of which Shef is a member, let's consider their play-off record so far.

En route to the final four, they've taken down #8 seed Delano, #5 seed Wayzata Gold and, last night, #3 seed Wayzata Blue.  They've fallen only once, and that was to the Evil Empire: Osseo Maple Grove Black, the #1 seed, in this double-elimination tourney.

The play at this 11 and 12 year-old level rose to frenetic as we wore down the Trojans in the final minutes of the 1-goal game. The passing ticked up considerably, the refs were markedly inconsistent, and the adrenaline blinded, forcing silly and potentially costly mistakes.  My yelling in the stands remained supportive and constant, although slightly derivative of the cheers lobbed around me.  Sometimes, I felt embarrassed to have aped an exact phrase from a neighbor, but let's be honest - the boys couldn't really hear me anyway.  Present and enthusiastic, I remained a portrait of a sane hockey mom.  I think.


mm said...

It sounds as if you are doing fine with the hockey mom role.

Anonymous said...

Only other hockey mom I know is Sarah certainly are more sane then she! I use to parrot the words of the softball moms as I had never been to such games till you played is the sane way to lend support....may the Orange succeed and have a happy ending to the season!

LH said...