Friday, March 11, 2016

Professional Fashion Critic

Early in the week, I wore a long-sleeved, knee-length shift dress with black tights and ankle-boots.  I accessorized with a gray-scale infinity scarf and silver earrings.  About five people told me I looked "so professional," in admiring tones.  5 stars.

Yesterday, I arrived at work in bright blue pants and a quirky intarsia-knit sweater featuring three large pairs of eye-glasses.  It was a cool outfit, I have to say.  Something worn by someone in a creative field.  A creative, fast-paced field like teaching spring-fevered sixth graders.  Anyway, I discovered my pants were dirty only when the fluorescent lights hit them, at which point I immediately identified three stains and a patch of dirt.  Further, I developed a bright red zit an inch and a half above the bridge of my glasses.  2 stars, tops.

Some days, you nail it.  Other days, you teach in dirty pants with pimple in the middle of your forehead.


mm said...

Happy Friday! I'm sure you look great even in dirty pants.

Anonymous said...

Would have loved to see photos of the outfits! We had a party in honor of Chuck's visiting family.....about 30 people. The next day, I was shocked to see that my black pants had lots of stains on both legs I wondered did the guests notice? I do know that everyone had a good time....just hope they didn't notice the disarray of their hostess! Should have taken a photo! Mom

LH said...

You always look great.

Melanie said...

Bee tee dubs, I love that glasses sweater of yours.