Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Professional Coffee Critic

Fair: The free, industrial coffee supplied by my employer does the trick when no other option presents.  It's warm, brown, and has a taste reminiscent of coffee.

Satisfying: The coffee we make at home is fair trade and flavorful.  We grind it on site, and although we haven't replaced the filter in the machine in over-long, this coffee propels my morning.

Delightful: A parent donated a Keurig single-cup coffee maker to our faculty. We keep it in the lounge.  Although I feel guilty about the individual plastic cups, I have to say the Donut Shop flavor increases my happiness exponentially. There's something quite satisfying about placing my travel mug beneath the spigot and watching the coffee accumulate just for me. I keep the K-cups in my mailbox, and I share them occasionally to pay it forward, which makes me feel righteous on top of everything else.

Decadent: Once or twice a week, I purchase a Flat White from Starbucks.  It's a latté, but with an extra shot of ristretto espresso and smooth whole milk.  This thing is just the ticket.  Just the ticket for a sleepy morning when all-day, every-day middle school seems like a questionable life choice.


Unknown said...

come over and we'll have dunkin donuts together!

Anonymous said...

Love the way you write! Reading this while sipping my Swedish Gevalia Kaffe Vanilla at our kitchen table. Going to try that Whole Food treat. Love, mom

Melanie said...

Love love love my home ground coffee. LOVE even more those every-once-in-a-while trips to Starbucks for a special treat :-) The coffee flavored water I make do with when I'm camping, or at a bad motel, is utilitarian but necessary.