Friday, May 13, 2016

Annals of Fitness: TC 1 Mile Results

A week ago, I watched from my classroom window as my first-born smoked a mile on the track in 5:48.  He was super excited to both break the 6-minute barrier and to clock the fastest time in the sixth grade. I would be lying if I didn't admit that's it's a thrill to watch Shef fall in love with the same sport that's captivated me for 27 years.

As an added bonus for my speedy sixth grader, I was set to race the TC 1 Mile, which would give us a point of direct comparison in terms of mile times.  "How fast do you think you're going to run it?" he asked, smirking.  

I mean, obviously, I wouldn't be running a 5:48. 

Still, I warmed up, I felt nervous, I jumped in place in the minutes before the race just like I used to in high school and college.  Back then, I actually did run much faster than 5:48, thank you very much.  When the gun went off, I sprinted off the line with the rest of the crazies.  My legs and arms felt burny.

Oh dear, I thought, two minutes into the race.  Of course, two minutes in means only four more minutes of suffering.  I've done two 13+ hour labors for the purpose of childbearing, so I can basically do anything for four measley minutes.

I found it a little harder to punish myself on the road for a mile than on the track, but I tried my best to keep the hammer down.  I passed a couple of people and got passed by a couple. In the final stretch, I was out-kicked by tiny ten year-old with excellent form.  I didn't let it get me down.

As you can see, I was crushed by my own twelve year-old by 44 seconds.  That's a lot, but to be honest, I'm happy to be the loser. It's fun to watch him win.


LH said...

Remarkable! Kudos to you and to Shefster!

mm said...

It seems you both are amazing!

Martha Pettee said...

This doesn't really fit under the running post BUT will leave it here and leave it to you to tell me where to put these ideas. Book idea since you write about creativity a lot! I heard Phillipe Petit (tightrope walker who walked between the Twin Towers talk about creativity and plug his new book - Creativity: The Perfect Crime.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congratulations to both of you! Love, mom