Thursday, May 12, 2016

Annals of Fitness: TC 1 Mile

For some reason, my friend Melanie and I decided to run the TC 1 Mile tonight.  So, for a good time, we're heading downtown, parking, getting our numbers, and then running balls out over 1600 meters.  
We're paying cold hard cash to do this. 

To be honest, I would probably bag it if I hadn't already forked over the dough.  I'm hoping this is going to be one of the many, many things that I don't feel like doing, but then when I do it, I'm super happy I followed through.

I haven't raced a mile for seven years, at which point I clocked a 6:17. I don't think that particular time is within the realm of possibility tonight.  I think if I run until I feel dizzy and throw up a little in my mouth, I might be able to get a 6:45.  I wish I didn't care (and I totally don't, duh. I'm a recreational 38 year-old runner), but I will probably try to pummel as many other recreational 38 year-old runners as possible.  

I'm not proud, and I'll keep you posted.


LH said...

You ran like the wind. Awesome, possum!

Unknown said...

Where do you get these cool graphics? I am clearly behind the times.

KC said...

M, Thanks for the compliment on the graphics! I make them myself on Canva!!