Monday, May 16, 2016

Tween Town

We had a gloriously unscheduled Saturday with nothing on the calendar into the evening.  "This is great," Dan said, surveying the emptiness on our weekly whiteboard. "We could take the kids to dinner and a movie." 

You mean create memories as a family by sharing a recreational activity that doesn't involve racing around the metro to various youth sports-watching venues?! 

Yes! Let's purchase greasy popcorn, sit in comfy recliners and commune with Captain of America, as Mac calls him.

Great news, we told the kids.  Let's go out to a movie on Saturday night!

"Yes," Mac squealed.  He loves going to movies.

"Ugh," Shef said, frowning.

"What?" we asked, maybe the littlest squinch of exasperation leaking into our voices.

"It's just," Shef sighed, "I hate going to movies with the family."

Turns out, he'd rather stay home by himself than sit with us in a public theater, even if the movie features an Avenger.

Tweendom is so awesome.  I'm sure the teens are even flipping better.


mm said...

Did you all go any way?

KC said...

No - we watched a movie at home. We started with Jurassic World, but it was way too scary for Mac and me; so we switched to the new Peter Pan. The tween hung in there with us. ;)

Unknown said...

I'll come over and watch Pitch Perfect, please!

Martha Pettee said...

He actually turned down Captain of America? That is tough to believe. I don't think it's the worst thing in the world force a few of family outings once in a while. One has to endure the slouching and muttering (and possible tears!) but usually it turns out to be fun for all.