Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Let's talk about supplies.  Lee and I each have on display the superlative pencil, which is without one iota of doubt, the Dixon Ticonderoga.  This year, I discovered the Dixon Black, and OMG.  It's everything from the traditional yellow #2 - smooth sharpenable graphite, non-plasticky grip, bi-color crimped ferrules - but in chic black.

It might just be the freshly sharpened Dixon Black that gets me through this week.  Dan says I get this way - panicky, exasperated, exhausted - every single May.  I contend this May is the worst.  Are you a teacher?  Here are my tips for May:
  • More coffee.  Not the bad, luke-brown kind.  The good kind, maybe even from the Starbucks.
  • New supplies.  Felt-tips, fun colors, a pack of Dixon Blacks.
  • A mantra.  Breathe in on "Almost," out on "Done."

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Anonymous said...

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