Monday, September 5, 2016

Annals of Fall: Back to the Routine

brothers, wedding, back to school

Good news: My sister Mary got married. She married a fantastic guy named Shea. He's funny and smart and he seems to like us okay. During the ceremony, Mac and Shef walked down the aisle while pulling a wagon filled with their much younger cousins. Neither of those little kids tried to get out of the wagon during the trip.  Later at the reception, I gave a Matron of Honor toast. People laughed in the right places during my speech, and I think I conveyed my deep and abiding love for my sister.  I do love her so much.

And now, I can continue on with life. It's been a crazy back-to-school. Do I always say that? I think pretty much. It's just always crazy, and sometimes there are other important events added in at the same time like the Wedding of the Year.

Lucky for me, I can handle it. I can handle it all.

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Mary said...

The boys were perfect, your toast was loving and hilarious, and I love you!