Friday, September 16, 2016

The Timelines

In order to get through the back to school crush, I've been putting tasks aside until certain dates.

Like, I shelved my fiction writing project on August 2nd - the last day of my summer online writing course. I decided I wouldn't open it up again until September 15th.

Sure enough, I clicked on the Google doc yesterday.

I didn't anything to it while it was open, and to be honest, I felt a little wave of panic as I scanned the paragraphs about Isobel at the English Department meeting. Luckily, I have a path forward. All I really have to do is consider looking at the words.

Next week, I start class again and my teacher will tell me just what to do.

Another task I've shelved is exercising. I just can't. I can only walk the dog and teach. By October 1st, I'll be ready. That's the drop date, and I might start doing barre class, or at the very least, the 7-minute workout.

When will I start getting the Weekly(ish) out Weekly(ish)? I think soon. There will probably be one this weekend. It'll probably be enjoyable to read, or at least not riddled with grammatical errors.

Yesterday a kid in my 7th grade class asked me how he knew he could trust me on questions of grammar, usage, and mechanics.

Kid, this isn't my first rodeo. I've been thinking about subject-verb agreement for 20+ years.

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Anonymous said...

Good time management techniques! We do learn from ourselves how to manage ourselves as we age. Mom

LH said...

There's always stuff to do. That's kind of neat in a way.