Sunday, September 11, 2016

Annals of Fall: Status Report

scenes in fiction, anchor chart, back to school

Teaching, like the actual instruction: This is excellent. I'm cooking with gas.  Well-prepared, confident, and cruising. I flat-out love this part of my job, the in-the-classroom, with-the-students, meat-and-potatoes of it. Do I sound braggy? I don't even care. Feeling like you sometimes know what you're doing is the best.

Dietary Choices: Hit-and-miss. The end-of-the-night mini corndogs were a miss. The peanut butter energy balls I made yesterday were a hit. You see what I mean about the hit-and-miss quality of my dietary choices?

Reading: Slow going, but I can feel it the rhythm coming back. Can I lesson plan fast, so I can get back to Before the Fall by Noah Hawley? That's my fondest wish. But to be honest, the lesson planning takes as long as it ever did. Which is all day long. Can I take the dog for an extra walk, so I can near-the-end of Just Kids by Patti Smith on Audible? All I can do is wait and hope.

Book Writing: I'm scheduled to get back into it this coming week. I'm hopeful. I need to see those characters and reconnect with my teacher. Have I said publicly that the goal is to finish the draft by the end of next summer? That's the goal. Let's do this.


mm said...

You've mentioned the peanut butter energy balls in the past. Could you send me the recipe?

KC said...

I meant to link to the recipe! Here it is.