Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Teaching Life

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I feel like I've cleared the last hurdle, and I'm coming through the final meters of the Back-to-School sprinting obstacle course.

How's that metaphor working? It's like Olympic Track and Field and Ninja Warrior in one. In this case, the last hurdle was Back-to-School night, and the sprinting Ninja course was the first few weeks of school. Speaking of, did I mention I went to Ninja Warrior Class with Mac? The resulting muscle soreness was extreme, but I did the class in the name of risk-taking and #lifelonglearning.

Anyway, last year, I gave advice about how to behave at your child's back-to-school night.  The tips would have assuaged my nervousness if you were in my audience. This year, I didn't even get nervous. I just gave the talks. After a while, it seems like you know how to do your job and to convey to others that you know how to do your job.  Turns out for me, it only took seventeen years to reach this point.

Now it's Thursday, and I have two days left this week before I have a reprieve to dig out of the grading hole (metaphor!) and to catch my breath (which I've lost from the sprinting Ninja course, obviously). I'm going to pace myself and fortify with coffee. I'll keep you posted.

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LH said...

I too am feeling like we're over the initial hurdles and relaxing into a routine.


Unknown said...

you're #sopretty!