Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's Happening

In my goal-setting meeting, which I mentioned last time, I told my bosses about The Book. By which I mean the novel I'm writing. #NovelSnip. You know. 

"How do you do it all?" one of the bosses asked.

"Well," I said. "I quit violin and I'm in less good shape than I used to be." 

The boss seemed a little sad for me that I'd quit violin, but I've accepted it. She seemed okay with my slovenliness, interestingly enough. "You can't have too many hobbies," I told her, sensibly. I know I'm right about that one. If I told my family, pictured above, that I planned to write a book AND play violin in concerts with twelve year-olds AND run a marathon or two, all in addition to my regular, super-demanding job, I think... Well, I know they'd stare at me like, WHAT?!

One thing I'll never quit is this blog. It might seem like I've quit it this month, but I haven't. It's just the crush of back to school. This happens to most of us. I've really been marveling that no matter what I try or how experienced I get, back to school is just like this. For instance, I'm starting a day of work right now, all just for the express purpose of being ready for the kids to arrive back in Room 111 tomorrow.

I'm in less good shape, but the work is getting done. 


mm said...

Motivational... maybe I'll post today.

Anonymous said...

Plan makes sense....good for you....and your family and students! Love, mom