Monday, April 4, 2016

Eighty-Eight Miles Per Hour

It's that time again - Spring Break has ended, and we're all headed back to our school this morning.

I wish I could say that we're universally thrilled about this development, but... Mac couldn't sleep last night and cried about returning to Grade 2.  Shef pouted about his 30-minute per day reading requirement.

I, however, am feeling pretty ready.  I know the sixers are going to be taller and more grown up.  I'm excited to see their little faces. Yesterday, I finished my Quarter 3 grades and submitted them.  I've got a new To-Do list plan and schedule.  I grocery shopped and menu planned.  I even made homemade energy bars, for Pete's sake.

Bring it on, Quarter 4!  I'm excited to see what you've got.

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mm said...

I may need to check into the homemade energy bars. Have a great week.