Saturday, April 9, 2016

In 6 Weeks, We'll Be Swimming in Outdoor Pools

Today, I'm going with 3 Excruciating Truths About Minnesota Spring.  And, don't even worry because I'm going beyond "it sucks." Kind of.

  1. It's Brown. Fly in over Minneapolis in March or April, and if you're not seeing snow, you're enveloped in expansive brown ombré.  It might make you think of chocolate or coffee or sisal floor mats. Or it might make you think of poop.  Citizens aren't aware of craving green, but then you watch people approach random trees and bushes, scouring every branch for just one flipping bud.
  2. It Snows. As I type this post, the temperature here as measured in degrees fahrenheit is 19.  Nineteen.  The average high in April according to US Climate is 58.  But it doesn't matter.  Spring doesn't even care what's average.  Yesterday, as my students were adorably planning projects, they stopped to disgustedly note the blizzard conditions outside of our window.  We all wrinkled our noses and felt sorry for ourselves.  Some approached the glass to stare longingly at the recess field.
  3. It's Short. Sometimes - Sometimes! - we'll get a glorious day with 60-degree temperatures and everyone puts on shorts and sunglasses. We throw our arms wide and in uncharacteristic friendliness greet strangers outside. We have entire meals on the deck and fire up pop mixes that include MMMBop and Soak Up the Sun.  And then, 48 hours later, Minneapolis is 95 degrees and infested with disease-ridden mosquitos.  Damnit.


LH said...

It's chilly here today and I'm frankly getting quite annoyed.

IU is playing Purdue here but I don't want to sit in the baseball stands when it's 39 degrees.

On the plus side, it's getting very green here and I'm enjoying that.

mm said...

It's been really cold on my rides, but I looked ahead to next week which looks warmer!

Anonymous said...

Raining again today in SJ. I couldn't be happier about it.
-- MEM in ca