Saturday, May 20, 2006

Construction Report: Mini Edition

In case you’re wondering, Slow Joe is still in our lives. “Just GET OUT, Joe,” I long to say, but alas, I actually do want the linen closet, tin ceiling, and working pendant lights he’s promised.


LH said...

Yeah, the linen closet is high on the priority list.

Tin Roof? That reminds me of a B52's song.

jdoc said...

Keep on truckin', Slow Joe.

KC said...

the tin ceiling will be in the interior of the kitchen. is that still b52's?

oh joe, for the love of pete, keep truckin'.

Undomestic said...

One time my contractor actually said to me that HE was tired of being in my house. Of course it was HIS fault he was still in my house.