Friday, May 26, 2006

A Growing Problem

On Leaving the Children’s Museum:

Shef: Fuck you
Me: Shef, we don’t say that. If you say that again, you’ll have a time out.
Shef: I have a chime out.
Me: Right. You’ll have a time out.
Shef: Vacuum.
Me: Sure. You can say that.
Shef: Fa. Fa. Fa. Fa. [looks at me sheepishly]
Me: You can say ‘fa.’
Shef: I say ‘fa;’ I don’t say ‘fuck you.’

Several hours and another 'fuck you' later:

Me: Now, why did you have a time out?
Shef: [smirking silence]
Me: Shef? Why did you have a time out?
Shef: [refusing eye contact]
Me: Did you say a bad word?
Shef: [whispering] I said ‘fuck you.’



LH said...

You may want to remind him to keep the risque language off his my space. Teachers read that stuff sometimes.

Undomestic said...

I must say that I'm very glad I don't have that issue to deal with. Good luck. Not sure what the SuperNanny would suggest.

KC said...

he's added shit and damn it. don't tell anyone. i'm kind of humiliated that my kid is a pottymouth.