Friday, May 5, 2006

Yeah, Baby

My friends Jessie and Lee are both adorable, and I think you’ll agree that neither of them looks particularly like Elizabeth Hurley or Mike Meyers.

Shef, however, has my two pals linked with the Austin Powers video box, which I’ve been letting him play with since last July, when it was really hot and I couldn’t be held responsible for letting him run around in a diaper and a muscle shirt. Or for not entertaining him beyond throwing him a big pile of VHS tapes.

“This is Jessie and Lee,” he told me yesterday, pointing at the box.

“Really?” I said, surprised. “Which one is Jessie?”

“This one is Jessie,” he explained patiently, pointing at Liz Hurley; “and this one is Lee.”

It must be the glasses and the short hair, because otherwise, I don’t see the resemblance.


jdoc said...

Ha! I love this story.

LH said...

I'm SO GLAD I get to be Mike Myers!

I just watched Wayne's World again for the millionth time the other night when I didn't want to grade papers.

I love when he sees the guitar in the shop window and says,

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

KC said...

Oh good, i was a little nervous that you would be offended, lee, that shef thinks you're austin powers. mostly, i thought it was funny that he views you guys as such a duo that any long-hair/short-hair duo is YOU.

wayne is so funny, you're right. perhaps i should be watching one of our myers holdings while i fly-lady this paper that's due on tues.

LH said...

i felt a little sorry for jess actually. having to be liz hurley and all. you can't win em all jdoc.

does shef have shrek? another myers classic

jdoc said...

I'm not crazy about being hurley either. Myers is the far better member of the duo, but I'll take what I can get when grouped with lee. Cool by association, for sure.