Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Wrote This on Tuesday, but Blogger has Been In My Shit

Today was the day I handed in a big paper for my graduate school class, which means one-third of my plate has been cleared. I’m relieved, yes, but it hasn’t quite sunk in that I’ve actually handed over the paper. It might take until next week when I don’t actually have to go to class that I realize I’m one step closer to getting my damn degree.

Meanwhile, the sophs are giving impromptu speeches and then a formal demonstration speech. Today, one of the cherubs delivered this line during his impromptu: “The worst thing about our school is the shitty building.”

“Um, language?” I suggested helpfully, rolling my eyes.

“YOU SAID to speak as if we were speaking to friends,” he snarked.

“Well,” I clarified calmly, “I meant speaking to friends without swearing.”

He laughed, as did most of the audience. “Well that would never happen.” Pause. “Duh.”

I considered this moment a reminder that the other two thirds of my plate are still decidedly full.


jm said...

Congrats on turning in the paper.

Um, that's all I've got to say, guess.

LH said...

I hope I don't swear to the sixers before june 7, the last day of school. I told a kid he was acting like a "fool" today. Really unnecessary. I've felt not too happy with myself all afternoon.
I like the improv idea. That sounds hard.
happy weekend.

jdoc said...

The kids have all gone crazy. Is there a full moon or something?

KC said...

the kids HAVE gone crazy. i totally agree. ;)

i have almost sworn at them many times this month. they just need to settle down and do as i say, and everything will be okay.

bdoc said...

Dare I suggest that maybe the teachers go a little crazy at this time too? Just a thought ....

bdoc said...

P.S. I'm Jdoc's sister and I forgot that I was commenting on some other blog than hers... ooops. I only suggest this because I know and love many teachers in my life. ;-)