Monday, May 22, 2006

An Embarrassing Story

Ever since Shef was born, I guess I knew deep in my heart that this day was coming: the day I arrived at daycare to retrieve my cherub, only to be waylaid by the teacher in this fashion:

“Um,” whispered Teacher Dawn apologetically, as I scooped him up, “I just think you should knnnooowww…”

I held my breath a little.

“Shef said ‘fuck you’ today.”

Oh God.

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Immediately, I felt my cheeks catch fire. “Uhhhh,” I stammered.

“Yep!” Dawn continued, smiling now. “He yelled it out across the playground. Twice!”

Oh, sweet Jesus.

“So, um, I had him come and sit down right here,” she gestured at a chair set up adjacent to the playground for express time outs.

“Oh no,” I mumbled, thoroughly embarrassed. “Um, we, um … we don’t…”

And blessedly, before I could confess that of course we’d exposed our little angel to such vocabulary and I was so, so sorry, Dawn interrupted my mumbling: “Now we know it’s coming from another child, who’s also been saying ‘Shut up,’ and we’re trying to nip it right in the bud.”

Oh, thank you, thank you, God.

“But, I just thought you should know.”

“Um, okay! Thanks, Dawn!” I said, earnestly. “We’ll work on it at home, too.”

Yep. I really think we should get on this immediately.


cg said...

LOL - I love it!! You guys make me feel better. 'Fuck it' was the first understandible word e ever said....

KC said...

and that makes ME feel better, cg. :) Wish I could meet that E someday.

jdoc said...

My sister used to yell "tire fuck!" every time a fire engine went by. Guess that's a little different. Good luck with the little mf-er.

Undomestic's Auntie Nita said...

That's hilarious! My daughter (now 32 years old) when she was almost a year old, we were playing and I would throw her in the air and when I caught her I would say "aw' shit", she just laughed and laughed. When we got to church on Sunday she decided to show off the new word she had added to her vocabulary, while the minister was preaching, she started saying, shit, shit, shit, over and over again I had to clap my hand over her mouth and carry her out. I was embarrassed but it was funny.