Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm Not Fully Fierce Right Now

We are watching American Idol for the first time ever. So far, we’re concerned about the weirdness of the would-be contestants. Many of them have some questionable faculties and, in some cases, perhaps full-blown, untreated mental illnesses.

I’m not sure there will be an Idol fantasy game on this website.

Of course, there is a Runway fantasy game, and I need your guesses for tomorrow’s show. The next three losers and one winner for tomorrow’s show, okay?


LH said...

I'm picking Ricky too, and
chris, sadly, but my third is going to be my out on a limb choice... christian. he probably won't lose, but he's getting on my nerves.

winner: jillian

Tim K. said...

tim & susan reporting in - here are our guesses.

tim's winner - rami
tim's losers - ricky, sweet p, chris

susan's winner - kit
susan's losers - ricky (for the fifth week in a row, i think), sweet p, chris

Sarah said...

My picks are:
winner - Kit
losers - Ricki, Sweet P, and Victorya.

Anonymous said...

Dan's picks

Sweet P


Tom said...

Ricky, Victorya, Chris. Kit wins (finally).

Undomestic said...

Trying for Kit again as a winner.

Losers: Ricky, Sweet P, Chris