Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Don't Know Why I Always Think It's An Okay Idea to Take Him Out In Public

Today we had this conversation within earshot of many people while we grabbed a quick dinner in a sandwich and chocolate shop that we visit weekly.

Shef: I'm getting really big.

Me: You sure are.

Shef: All of me.

Me: Yes, your whole self is getting bigger.

Shef: Every part.

Me: Yeah, even your brain.

Shef [practically shouting]: And my PRIVATES!


Undomestic said...

Cameron used to tell me at about Shef's age, as his hands were down his pants, "It's getting bigger!" That's when I referred him to his father. But I don't think he ever shouted it in public.

cg said...

hahaha E tells me this as well, with the hands down the pants ;-) and then (fortunately only at home) shows me that he is not lying! The fascination certainly starts young

kc said...

I just want to clarify that hands were no where near pants during this exchange. ;)

mi said...

If hands weren't in pants, then you did not get the full experience. Brace yourself, as there is more to come! :) My boys however prefer to yell out the name of my private parts. That alwasy goes over well in public.