Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sonographic Evidence Shows That The New Baby Will Be A Boy

I graded so many pro-con research papers yesterday that by three o’clock, poorly-formatted works-cited entries were blurring together and conjunctive adverbs appeared on the backs of my eyelids when I rubbed my temples and practiced yogic breathing during my breaks.

This year, there were some excellent offerings from the sophs on topics like alternative energy sources, programs to help the homeless, and illegal file-sharing.

There were also some spectacularly unsuccessful submissions on topics I’d already strongly cautioned against.

“You cannot write about whether abortion is right or wrong,” I said over and over. “If you’re very attached to writing about abortion, you have to choose a more specific sub-topic, like parental consent laws for minors or the effectiveness of abstinence education.”

The sophs indicated their comprehension, but I’m pretty sure the author of the paper titled, “Abortion: Is It Always Murder?” failed to understand the nuances of the assignment.


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations KC on then news about baby boy #2!!

LH said...

this is very fun news. Good job, savvy and pronto!
Let's have a naming contest.

KC said...

okay, the naming contest is on. it'll be just like at the zoo when they have a new baby animal that people get to name.

what are your ideas?