Saturday, January 19, 2008

Last Night, We Went To A Prairie Home Companion. A Minnesota Tradition.

First, Dan came into our bedroom, smugly snatched the fleece vest of his I’ve been wearing off the rug, and whipped it back on his body while looking at me disapprovingly.

“Wow,” I said. “I hope you’re feeling good about yourself. Chastising me for wearing your clothes, which I’ve been doing or OBVIOUS reasons.”

He said, “But you always wear this.” Still I could tell he was starting to break a bit.

“Well, now it’s different. So thanks for pointing out just how large I am.”

That worked. He felt bad.

Then, I started taking the sheets off the bed, as I do most every week, to put them in the washer.

“What are you doing??” he gasped, exhibiting the amount of shock that would be appropriate should I have taken out a hypodermic and suddenly injected myself with heroin.

“I’m washing them! These have been on the bed for TWO WEEKS, not that you would ever notice something like that.”

He laughed. I laughed. And then I realized that the reason we all need to wear fleece vests is that it’s fourteen degrees-below-zero outside today. And fifty-six degrees inside our family room.

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dw said...

For the record, 90% of the time I want to wear one of my TWO fleece vests, I foolishly look in the coat closet, only to find ZERO fleece vests inside. If I am lucky, I can sometimes locate one of them in KC's closet. Sometimes, though, they are in her car or in her classroom 15 miles away. This happens whether or not she is pregnant, and her attempt to put me on the defensive was an abuse of her condition in a blatant attempt to side-step her thievery.