Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We Saw Juno Last Night. I Enjoyed It.

PR people: tonight is a new show! Please post your guess for this week's winner. I will not be able to watch the show or update the scoring until Friday.

Please try not to tell me what happens on tonight's runway.

Thanks a lot and happy new year.


Maggie said...

I also saw and enjoyed Juno.

It's too bad I was sitting next to my 65 year-old aunt at the time. I think a lot of the humor was lost on her. She did, however, lean over at one point and say "I'm definitely from a different time." Yes. You are.

Although set in MN, I was sad to see it was actually filmed in British Columbia. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I am going to pick Rami for the winner this week.

Anonymous said...

rami to win.

LH said...

I saw Juno last week and now I'm reading SLAM, by Nick Hornby, about a boy who impregnates a girl. So it's a good partner text to Juno.
3 family members liked Juno a lot but #1 son disliked it intensely. He said the whole movie was "annoying," but Jennifer Garner was the "most annoying" of all. He said that right after I said that I thought Jennifer G did a good job with her role.

KC said...

Juno was great - it would've been nice if it had been filmed in MN. It also would've been nice if Jennifer G and Jason B didn't live in St. Cloud, which made no sense to me - I guess it's an hour from Ridgedale? Does that mean Juno goes to Minnetonka high school or something? The school didn't seem West Suburbs to me.

I thought all the actors did a good job with their parts. Jen Garner was esp. good. So was Juno's dad, I thought. And Allison Janney. And really everyone in it.

I am going to read Diablo Cody's memoir about being a stripper in Minneapolis. It's called Candy Girl. I've heard it's a quick read. I'm putting it on my list, along with Slam. I generally like Nick Hornby, except you know what? I didn't like High Fidelity for some reason.

Sheila said...

I assume by "enjoy" you mean the best movie EVER?! Like, 20 katrillion times better than TSAM??

Tom said...

I'm gonna go with Kit for the win. She's due.

I also thought the St. Cloud/Twin Cities thing was odd. Their high school felt like Fridley HS for some odd reason. I did, however, enjoy the movie very much.