Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Don't. Stop. Thinkin' About Tomorrow.

Since our neighborhood is rife with hippies and college students, the line for the democratic caucus was out the door and around the corner of the church we’d been assigned. Once we got inside, we saw that they’d chosen the tiniest meeting room possible on a night promising overwhelming turn-out for Minneapolis dems.

The line for the republican caucus on the other side of the street was nonexistent. I don’t think I saw a single human (or animatronic) republican enter that building during my thirty minutes waiting in the cold. This is a shame since I happen to know the meeting room in there is a spacious gymnasium with accommodations for at least a couple hundred folding chairs.

In the end, I voted for Hillary Clinton, and Dan supported Obama. We asked Shef about his preference, and he said he was voting for Dora; but she wasn’t on the ballot.


abby said...

I thought mine was bad--about 6 high-turnout precincts in one tiny elementary school--but then I took Paul to his, and it was all of the north central suburbs crammed into Roseville HS. A friend in Brooklyn Park waited well over an hour in line. Democracy in action.

In other news, I went to your sandwich and chocolate place today and it's all your fault. I thought an apricot croissant would make me more productive, but that was not the case.

mary said...

I am voting for Chris tonight. I think costumes are his thing.