Monday, February 18, 2008

Have the Guts, Got the Glory

We’re back from a fun weekend in Philly with excellent friends Adam and Tracy.

The air temperature in the city of Brotherly Love was almost always between thirty and fifty degrees warmer than Minneapolis, the kids were very cute together, and Team AK-47 once again claimed victory over Team Dumb Tits in our on-going, mixed-doubles Smear competition.

I especially enjoy the banter at the table.

"Adam, you're such a butt wad," Tracy said at one point.

We all considered this for a minute.

"What is a butt wad, exactly?" Adam asked.

"Oh you know," Tracy said, exasperated. "It's like a plug." Here she made some flicking motions with her hand. "An ass... plug."

We all got a lot of mileage out of this comment. It's hard to explain why.

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Undomestic said...

I'm going with Kit for the Fan Favorite!