Tuesday, February 5, 2008

L-A-T-E-R This Week

So, new Runway coming up tomorrow. I just need one winner guess from all.

We'll have to see how they work this, though. They're taping the finale in Bryant Park on Friday; so we'll all hear who's showing final collections.

The PR powers that be will have to have one or two designers show decoy collections, or they'll have to kick off two people tomorrow night. If they kick off two this Wednesday, that'll leave a final four for Bryant Park.

I'm baffled.


Tom said...

I'm gonna go with Kit to wi.... oh WAIT, she got kicked off and not Ricky. Turns out it wasn't just a bad dream!!!

I'll go with Rami this week.

john said...

I'm going with the long odds. Chris!


Undomestic said...

And wasn't it a final 3 the first 2 seasons? I'll go with Christian for a winner this week. I don't think I've picked him yet. At this point, though, who knows!

LH said...

I'm going with Sweet Pea again. I may have already stated that the name Sweet Pea is really dumb. But she may have the power to make it work.

Sarah said...

I am going to go with Christian as the winner.