Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thirty Minutes At Spandex House

Morale at the work site has been pretty low of late. I'm not going to lie: some days I enter the school building with a bit of dread in my heart.

My refuge is crashing on the couch after Shef goes to bed, watching American Idol or Masterpiece Theater or my favorite, Project Runway.

Fashion hasn't been a priority during this activity; but I'm thinking maybe I should put a little more effort into my evening-time appearance, since last night, Dan burst into guffaws and ran for the camera when he found me looking like this:

Yes, that's a regular non-maternity size-medium t-shirt. Indeed, it's paired with regular non-maternity size-large fleece pants pulled up over my definitely maternity-sized belly. And yes, those are Valentine's socks. And yes, I'm laughing so hard at how ridiculous I must look that I'm pretty much just trying my best not to pee in my pants.

I have a weigh-in at the doctor tomorrow, and I'm sure from the looks of things that it will be a sobering experience.


Rachel said...

I didn't know the pants were PATTERNED. That brings the whole ensemble to a new level.

Elizabeth said...

I think you should wear the outfit to school on Monday and just act like everything is normal.