Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You Might Not Know This, But I'm Going to Be Thirty Next Month

It’s well-documented that pregnancy causes red, blotchy skin. It turns out I am having a problem with this symptom, so I went to the Clinique counter this afternoon to purchase something that might cover up the splotchiness.

“I have very dry skin,” I told the nice saleslady.

“You do!” she exclaimed, rubbing my t-zone. “Do you moisturize?”

“Yes,” I told her proudly. “I use Clinique Dramatically Different lotion.”

“Day and night?”

“Oh, yes,” I assured her, even though I sometimes forget.

“You knooow,” she said, as she pulled out a couple of shades of foundation and rubbed them along my jaw, “unfortunately people with very dry skin show signs of age earlier.”

“Hmmm,” I said, frowning at my fine lines in the magnifying mirror.

“Have you tried our Continuous Rescue?” Melissa asked supportively. “You really need to use it at night, after the Dramatically Different, and with a little extra right here,” she said pressing on my crow’s feet, “around the eyes.”


Tom said...

Pices unite! My birthday's the 7th but I've got you by 2 years. Welcome to 30. I happen to think its fantastic but more moisturizer is definitely required.

mi said...

I've gone the opposite. They could place an oil rig on my nose these days. Welcome to the thirties. It's not so bad, really. :)

cg said...

Oh welcome to the 'dirty' thirties, I love it here! Dont those sales ladies at the beauty counters make you feel grotesque? Ugh, I hate those mirrors, magnifying every single flaw to the point that you will buy any product to destroy and cover up!

Jana said...

You need to try Principal Secret Reclaim. I know it's an infomercial but I have been using her line for over 5 years and I swear by the stuff. Sounds like you need some exfoliation/renewal properties in your night cream to get rid of the dry, patchy skin. 30 rocks!

LH said...

I see you recently read White Teeth. i liked that book a lot.
except the ending i thought was a little over the top.

her second one I was less crazy about.

KC said...

I am on the Pisces-Aries cusp, Tom; but I am really an Aries by temperament. That makes three Aries so far in this household. ;)

I have been exfoliating and moisturizing, so I'm pretty sure the red splotches are an unavoidable pregnancy problem. The new make-up is looking good, tho.

lee, i am still working on white teeth. i actually really liked her second book. it's taking me awhile to get into w.t. i have been distracted by various magazines.

SingletrackJenny (formerly known as IronJenny) said...

... and 15 minutes and $173.00 later, kc left the Clinique counter...