Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ab Contest - Final Standings

Some people have not reported their minutes for the ab contest, and therefore, these results are not official. If you still need to report, please do so in the next 24 hours.

1. Cyndy and Abby - 47 points
2. Liz and KC - 37 points
3. Amy and Avery - 32 points
4. Pat and Emily - 31 points
5. Anne N. and Molly - 22 points
6. Anne B. and Maritha - 21 points
6. Theresa and Sheila - 21 points

I hope the scores are right. They probably are; although there may be a mistake or two. The thing is, it doesn't really matter. It's a contest with no prize, and we are all winners for doing our abs.

Also, the importance of abs is really insignificant compared to the importance of the upcoming election. I will be following my friend Lee's example and blogging Barack until he wins. I have purchased a Barack bumper sticker and have displayed a Barack sign on my property. I will also be featuring images of Barack on this website, which I will grab from Lee's website. Here's one encouraging you to continue to work on your abs:

You can look for October's ab contest at Go Mom Go. I'll be playing because otherwise I don't do any abs.

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Cyndy said...

Oh no, KC--I was waiting until this weekend! Sorry!
29th - 5 minutes (3 pts)
30th - 10 minutes (making for a total of 15 minutes by Tuesday, so an extra 5 points on top of the 3--if this is how you're counting...I also did 10 exercises, so is that an extra 1?)
So far...12 points for the 29th and 30th. (Check me on this).
On the 2nd, I did 5 minutes and 10 exercises - 4 points.
Total--16 points. (Please make sure I'm not cheating! I think I counted correctly).
My 10 were crunches, reachover crunches R and L, bicycle, legs to side crunches R and L, long arm crunch, vertical leg crunch, reverse crunch, sideplank R and L, and regular plank.