Monday, November 3, 2008

Families for Obama

Did you know that 90% of brain development happens between birth and age 5? That's why Barack Obama has a big "Zero to Five" initiative that will help states adopt universal pre-k programs and expand Head Start.

McSame advocates more regulation for Head Start centers. This is kind of funny, don't you think? More regulation for Head Start and less for Wall Street?


sfleegel said...

I've been loving your posts lately... and am very proud of your volunteer efforts! I really wanted to volunteer this year, but like usual, my job got in the way of my life. *Sigh* Love the family photo!

Tom said...

And cute little baby bellies for Obama, too! ;-)

Rachel said...

I really enjoy this photo. Can you email it to Barack? That seems like something cool he'd have on his website.

Very, very excited to vote tomorrow.

Mary said...


I am Dakar so I will be watching tonight! Happy voting!
also, just thinking of you. Love you and the boys! xoxo