Friday, November 14, 2008


The new kid is five months old now. He's got some new tricks. For instance, he's obsessed with his tongue - sticking it out, wiggling it around, rubbing it on his razor-sharp bottom teeth. He also laughs, mostly at Shef.

Another thing he likes to do is grab on to things and push them back and forth. I have documented this interest in this video:

Untitled from Savvy Mom on Vimeo.


LH said...

I watched it several times in a row.
thinking the following:

he's so cute and has such a sweet face.
he looks like shef.
he is going to really destroy some things as soon as he gets a chance.

good job posting the kid vid. love it.

Mary said...

I was actually able to see the video in the cyber!!! He looks so wonderful! I cant wait to meet him!!

also, I hate you just a little bit for A. Having a child while I am not there and B. for making me cry everytime I go to a cyber. I am making a scene!

Ok, so I dont really hate you. I love you. love and miss.

petteemn said...

I witnessed this behavior first hand. I think he's going to be a lumberjack. Wonderful metier for a Minnesotan don't you think?

Martha said...

actually michael didn't say the last comment. martha did. the account was goofy.