Sunday, November 16, 2008

Top Chef Showdown

Guest posted by Dan

Brett Favre. Michael Jordan. Garth Brooks. Grover Cleveland. Me.

Due to overwhelming popular demand, I have agreed to come out of my blogtirement to run another season of the Top Chef Showdown - the reality show contest that took the blogosphere by storm one year ago.

The Savvy Mom has graciously agreed to host the competition on her blog (though she has enforced some unnecessarily draconian "rules" about when and how I can post on her blog). To be a part of this history-making contest, you need only (1) watch Top Chef; and (2) be awesome.

Here's how it works: Before each week's episode, I will post a preview of the challenges the chefs will face. In the comments to that blog post, you need to make three picks: (1) Quickfire challenge winner; (2) Elimination challenge winner; and (3) Which chef will be eliminated.

It's that easy!

This week's episode is called "Show Your Craft:"
Tom Colicchio takes it home to his very first restaurant tonight as the chefs are asked to serve more than just judges – although the customers' opinions may make them long for the tried-and-true.


abby said...

I'm totally in. I'm excited for the new season.

Tom said...

In! And this time, when I'm leading going into the last week, I'll actually post guesses, unlike the PR challenge.

abby said...

okay, so i just realized it started last week. will you be doing "the math" again if i can't get guesses in on time?

Sarah said...

My picks are:
QF - Hosea;
Elim winner - Gene; and
Eilmination loser - Ariane.

Tom said...

QF: Gene

Elimination winner: Leah

P&G (pack & go): Radhika

KC said...

QF: Leah
Elim Winner: Jeff
OUT: Ariane

abby said...

managed to catch the episode. here we go:

quickfire winner: leah
elimination challenge winner: gene
going home: melissa

jdoc said...

Dave and I forgot to enter the contest last night, but we are watching this season. Can we enter next week?