Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sometimes It's Hard to Believe We're Actually Trying Our Best

So, yesterday, I was changing Mac’s poopy diaper, and there was a piece of Styrofoam in it. Isn’t that nice? He had been playing with a little Styrofoam boat Shef made at school, and apparently he ate some of it.

I had to call the doctor and ask if he might die because of it. Were there any secret, poisonous properties of Styrofoam that would slowly seep into his bloodstream and become toxic?

The answer was no to that question, but the doctor was none too thrilled that he’d eaten petrochemicals.

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SingletrackJenny (formerly known as IronJenny) said...

Sheesh - letting your kid eat styrofoam. Guess you didn't need to clear off that spot on the mantle for your Mother of the Year Award... now I can win it!!!
Yea me!!!
tee-hee- You have no idea how many time the POLICE came to our house when Bobby was little - he used to just walk out the door and run away to... ohhhh... anywhere. Like into the basement of neighbors houses to watch their teenage kids play vdeo games... or just walk away from other kids' birthday parties if he got bored...
And the ER? Once I brought him in to get his head stapled shut (he bounced up into the maze at the kidcenter at the gym where a protruding screw ripped his head open) and the nurse (whom I was hoping didn't remember us) asked, "didn't I just remove stitches from your eyebrow a couple days ago"?
Honey, the styrofoam's just the start of it!!!